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Our mentorship program is designed to provide Black Pharmacy Students with the opportunity to be mentored by registered pharmacists in a variety of different fields. Black Pharmacy Students, in turn, mentor undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing pharmacy as a future career.


Some areas of expertise include:

  • Clinical Pharmacy (community, hospital, PCN, etc.)

  • Management/Entrepreneurship

  • Academia

  • Any other specialties


Our mentorship director will pair mentors with their mentees and introduce the two individuals. From then on, meetings can be held either in person or online and as frequent as agreed upon by the two parties!

This program aims to increase Black representation and engagement within the pharmacy profession, and provide better health outcomes for BIPOC communities.

Read the guides below for more information:

Look out for more information in the coming months!

Contact us if you have any additional questions!

Mentorship Gala, 2022

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